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Life Outside the Classroom

Life Outside the Classroom

Happy 2018! Now that the fall semester is finished and the holidays are over, we’re back into the swing of things here in the MAC program. I spent much of my time off in December preparing to take the first part of the CPA exam. Taylor will be blogging more about that in the coming weeks.  Today I’m going to highlight some of the things we’ve done outside of the classroom this year. Former MAC students, professors, and staff will tell you that the friendships and experiences you make here are just as important as your time spent in the classroom.

MAC Friendsgiving

Leading up to the Thanksgiving break, MAC students decided to do our own version of a Thanksgiving feast which we called “friendsgiving”. The logistics were simple – bring your favorite dish to share with classmates. Those who weren’t natural chefs brought plates, plasticware, drinks, etc. to support the event. We ended up with a spread of food that filled the entire MAC lab with delicious smells of turkey, sweet potatoes and dessert.

Basketball Games

Another fun activity outside of the classroom is attending Wolfpack basketball games. Once you receive a ticket by requesting one online, it’s easy to sit with friends because seating is first come, first serve for students and is not assigned until you get to the arena. So far I think sitting with MAC students must be good luck for the team – State has won all three games I’ve been to, including the one against Duke! Basketball games are usually in the evening after class is over and the PNC Arena is a quick drive from Nelson Hall. You’ll have to make sure to go to at least one or two before graduating.

Boxcar Barcade

Although many of the activities outside of the classroom have been informal, the MAC Executive Board also plans student meet ups from time to time. Our most recent event took place in downtown Raleigh at the Boxcar Barcade. We met up after a basketball game at a full arcade with vintage video games, skeeball, air hockey, and pinball along with a bar with snacks and drinks. We had a great time competing in the evening’s skeeball tournament (we were winning for awhile!) and engaging in some friendly competition with each other over NBA Jam and Pac-Man.

Whatever You Make It

Most importantly, life outside of the classroom will be whatever you make it. After long hours spent working on a project or studying with a group, don’t be afraid to suggest grabbing dinner or hanging out later in the day with classmates. Many of my favorite times in the MAC program were not formally planned events but last-minute ideas. Nelson Hall, where you’ll spend much of your time, is a short walk away from many of the best Hillsborough Street restaurants including East Village and Mitch’s Tavern.

I hope this blog post gets you excited about opportunities to make friends and experience NC State as part of the MAC program. Just remember, most of these experiences will happen outside of the classroom!