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Time Flies

Am I really halfway through the MAC program? It appears so! The past four months have been quite the roller coaster ride. As I reflect on the assignments, exams, and memories made, one word comes to mind: wow.  The word “wow” can mean a lot of things but I’m here to share my experience of a MAC first semester kind of “wow”.

W: Wonderful

Although there were stressful times throughout, this semester has been nothing short of wonderful. I have gained lifelong friends, professional connections, and considerable breadth and depth of knowledge and I know each of these wouldn’t be possible without the MAC program. This semester has me excited for the remainder of the program and the wonderful times to come.

O: Optimistic

Countless hours were spent completing assignments, attending class, and preparing for final presentations, but those hours have made me optimistic about next semester and my future as an accounting professional. The assignments, lectures, and course material have all provided me with an extensive amount of knowledge that I will be able to utilize throughout my entire career.

W: Willingness

After so many years spent in school, I was afraid I’d lose my drive to complete one more year. However, this program has done the opposite and has actually given me more willingness and eagerness to learn. The professors I had this semester conveyed their passion for their respective course material, which instilled the willingness in me to continue to learn about all that the professional accounting world has to offer.

Happy Holidays. For those about to head out on winter break, enjoy!