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The Application Process

Author: Michael

The Application Process

As MAC students here begin to prepare for final exams and presentations, it’s a common study habit to review all the assignments, notes and articles that have accumulated over the semester. In looking back across all the materials that have accrued during the fall, it’s only natural that I reminisce over the amazing friends and faculty I have met (which are practically family now) as well as the insightful experiences I have gained. Recollecting the journey that has occurred over the past 4 months prompts me to think about what initially compelled me to seek my master in accounting and why I chose NC State over other universities. This brings me to the point of my post: the application process and advice on how to choose schools that may be “right” for you.

The Application Process

The time to begin applying to not only NC State’s Master of Accounting Program but to all other graduate accounting programs as well, is now! It can seem overwhelming at first, not because of the amount of information needed but because of the life changing decision about to be made. It is best to just step back and approach the process as an opportunity rather than a chore.

Once all the proper documentation such as your transcript and recommendations have been submitted, an interview may be requested. I applied to five different schools and interviewed with two. The process in general is similar at most schools. After being accepted, the real decision making begins which is a great lead in to my next topic, some general (and hopefully insightful) advice in how to choose which schools to apply to.

Which Schools Should I Apply To?

Everyone is unique and has different preferences as to what they find most attractive when evaluating programs. I highly advise creating a scorecard for different variables that you find important when deciding on a possible institution such as its location, demographics, faculty members, student life, class size, and the ever stressful cost that differs among the universities.

Second, I would reach out to the schools and ask about their programs, concentrations, and research initiatives. NC State is unique in that it offers three optional concentrations: Enterprise Risk Management, Information Technology and Tax Strategy. I can personally speak on the ERM initiatives conducted at NC State such as the practicum which is a “class” that allows you to work with corporate partners in designing risk measures and responses. This is the concentration I have chosen and have a personal interest.


To reiterate some key points:

  1. Choosing a university to apply to is a big decision but applying should not be overwhelming. Let the school know who you are as a person rather than as a student.
  2. Create a “scorecard” for variables you find most desirable at a given accounting program.
  3. Don’t be afraid to call the programs you are interested in and ask about current events within the department and about student life.

All that being said, good luck on your applications and we hope you apply to NC State and join the Wolfpack!