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A Transfer’s Perspective On the MAC Program’s Academic and Social Experience

Author: Jared

A Transfer’s Perspective On the MAC Program’s Academic and Social Experience

Hey Everyone! My name is Jared Korver, and I will be one of the bloggers for the MAC program here at NC State University this year. I’m glad you’re here, because at the least it means you’re considering an outstanding institution, and I hope that I can give you even more insight as the year progresses!

MY Background

I grew up in North Carolina in a little city about 60 miles south of Raleigh, called Carthage (it’s next to the golf course mecca, Pinehurst). I did not go to NC State for my undergraduate learning experience, choosing to venture westward to the mountains of North Carolina, where I studied accounting at Appalachian State University (go Mountaineers!).

One of the topics I hope to write about this semester relates to the process through which I decided to come to NC State, because I know that many of you may be getting ready to go through a similar process yourselves. For now, I’ll say that I have loved my experience thus far. I have been challenged in and out of the classroom; I have enjoyed getting acclimated to the culture of Wolfpack nation; and I have already met some amazing people!

Furthermore, relative to its size, I firmly believe that Raleigh has an inordinate amount of incredibly tasty restaurants. While you may or may not be crazy about food, I will say that it can in no way hurt your impression of this great city!

What’s To Come This Semester

If you choose to keep up with the blog, you can expect to hear from me on a number of other topics as well. I’ll be writing about some of the nuances of dressing professionally (from a guy’s perspective); I’ll give some perspective into the academic and social experience here at NCSU (from a transfer’s perspective); and I’ll touch some on the daunting task of studying for and passing the CPA exam. Most likely there will be additional topics to boot!

That’s about it for this post, but I really am looking forward to writing more about the MAC program, and I hope very sincerely that whatever I write will be helpful to you as you consider your future in accounting education! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.